Benchling Open Beta

BY Sajith Wickramasekara
September 3, 2013
Benchling is now in open beta and we just added more highly requested features.
Sign up at We’re still actively making the site better, so we’d love to hear your feedback. For a quick demo, check out
Benchling will remain free for personal and academic use even after the beta. Commercial users, please contact [email protected] for early bird pricing.

Multiple Sequence Alignment


Alignments have been completely redone. Create a consensus sequence from scratch or align to an existing template. Use as many trace or sequence files as you want. You can also edit base calls, view annotations and translations alongside alignments, and easily trim erroneous trace data.

Improved Data Organization

Our new sequence library pages allow you to easily organize your sequence data. Replace your messy spreadsheet columns with searchable tags on sequences. Stop sharing files over email and instead give collaborators read or write access to your libraries on Benchling.

Lab Accounts

Get your whole lab organized using Benchling. Create libraries of common constructs, manage your enzyme lists, and share primers. Easily manage permissions for lab members. Sign in and go to to create an organization.

Firefox and Safari Support

Benchling no longer requires you to use Chrome. Firefox and Safari users now have access to the same functionality.

To sign up and get started, visit!

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