Enhance Sequence Import has Arrived

BY Joshua Ma
September 11, 2013
We’ve just rolled out a new and improved import experience to make it even easier for you to get started with Benchling.

Drag and Drop Uploads

To get the upload started, you can now drag and drop sequences (one, two, or a few hundred) into the page.

Bulk Tagging and Editing

The new import interface now supports bulk editing! Check the sequences of interest to bulk modify their libraries, topologies (circular or linear), and tags.

Multi-Sequence Files and More

As always, the number of file formats we support continues to increase. This latest update allows you to upload files that each have multiple sequences, including GenBank, JBEI, FASTA, and ZIP formats. The importer breaks them down for you after uploading.
Finally, vectorNTI and SBOL files are now supported as well.
Your feedback continues to be instrumental in our feature prioritization process and in deciding which new formats to support – so keep it coming!

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