Introducing Sequence Summary Pages and Notes

BY Joshua Ma
November 6, 2013
We’ve launched freshly designed summary pages for every sequence in concert with notes to record and share information.

The overview page provides at-a-glance information, including a cleanly-rendered sequence map, a list of tags, the description, and more. Descriptions on Benchling support markdown syntax for a rich sequence presentation.
Notes are a new feature designed for recording and sharing information relevant to a sequence. Notes support linking to related features, oligos, publications, and attachments.

The other tabs show related features, oligos, publications, and attachments. Each item listed can be clicked on to display and create linked notes.

Publications are especially useful for organizing papers you’ve referenced (or, ultimately, papers that reference the sequence). Currently PubMed is supported, with other systems like DOI coming soon.

The editor is of course still available, and just one click away via Open in Editor.

To see the summary page in action, check out our sample plasmid.

Published by Joshua Ma