Prettier Plasmid

BY Saif Hakim
November 21, 2013

With almost ten thousand zooms and spins clocked in on the plasmid map, we decided it was time for a facelift. Introducing the more practical, prettier plasmid!

pretty plasmid

Charming Colors We’ve carefully picked out a new set of 16 distinct colors that are more easily distinguishable, while still maintaining the therapeutic feeling of pastels.

new color palette

Awesome Axis

The axis is now on the inside of the DNA as to not overlap with cutsites. As you zoom in, it subdivides into more reasonable intervals.

Leaner Labels

To be more economical with the space, annotations and primers are now labelled inside the plasmid, if there is space. If there isn’t, they are helpfully underlined as exterior labels.

Note: If you liked the compactness of having only exterior labels, you can toggle this feature from the display options.

inline labels

Have fun while you work, and spin a plasmid! Trust us, we do it all the time.

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