Clustal Omega Comes to Alignments

BY Joshua Ma
December 20, 2013

We’re happy to announce that the Clustal Omega alignment algorithm is now available via the alignments panel (for the original paper, see Sievers, et al. 2011).

Clustal Omega is a slower but more precise algorithm compared to MAFFT. In anticipation of more long-running alignments, we’ve upgraded our alignment servers and tweaked the alignment UI. Instead of a giant loading message, in-progress alignments show up in the alignments panel and leave you free to do other work while waiting:

This update also exposes some alignment parameters (both for MAFFT and Clustal Omega) for power users to tweak:

As a final bonus, for the python developers out there we’ve written a small Python wrapper for the C API to libclustalo. Check it out on GitHub:

Published by Joshua Ma