The Small Things

BY Joshua Ma
February 25, 2014

In between deploying large features (stay tuned!) and writing blog posts, we tend to stick with what we do best and iteratively improve the Benchling product. Many small changes don’t quite make it to the spotlight, so this post is in honor of those we’ve left out.
Many of you have probably noticed these changes over the past few weeks, and if not we encourage you to go try them out:

    • User preferences have been rearchitected to sync across all your devices. Your selected enzyme list, melting temperature settings, active tag columns, and more are now in persisted in one central location.
    • Library administrators will now see a small save icon to make the current tag columns be visible by default for everyone.
    • You can finally auto-annotate against multiple (or all) feature libraries.
    • If your sequence has duplicate annotations, we’ll let you know and help you clean them up.


  • Our exported GenBank files now save tag metadata as well, so if you re-import them into Benchling your tags will be preserved.
  • We added the ability to export all libraries for yourself or organizations that you administer (via your profile page) as a nice ZIP file.
  • Alignments can have aligned sequences sorted by name or position.
  • Searching in a sequence (ctrl-f or cmd-f) highlights the specific strand that was matched. Additionally, you can now search in a specific region by selecting it first.

Are there other small things you’d like to see tweaked and improved? We’d love to hear from you – reach us via [email protected] or

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