Enhanced Protocols: Extra Metadata, Easier Entry, and More

BY Sajith Wickramasekara
July 21, 2014
Today, we’re releasing a few new features to make our protocols product more powerful and even easier to use.
As a reminder, academics can create and view public protocols on Benchling for free. We know labs have their protocols in a variety of different places and formats, so we’re happy to help enter them onto Benchling — just let us know.

Extra Metadata We took a cue from Nature Protocols and added the ability to put new types of data into your procedures on Benchling, including

  • critical step indicators to help you make fewer mistakes
  • pause points to let you plan when you can stop for the night
  • aggregate time so you know how long each step will take

In the protocol editor, you can create critical steps and pause points by selecting them in the dropdown next to each step or by typing the tags [CRITICAL] and [PAUSE].

Timer Tray Protocols have a step-by-step view that is optimized for tablets. We added the ability to create and run multiple timers here to make Benchling more useful at the lab bench.
Easier Entry When you copy a protocol from a website, Benchling now brings along all of the formatting, including tables and headings.
Stay tuned for more updates, including spreadsheets embedded directly into protocol pages that allow formulas.

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