Spread sheets, not bacteria

BY Saif Hakim
August 14, 2014
You can already embed images, timers, pause points, and tables in a Benchling Protocol. However, every scientist uses spreadsheets, and today we’re bringing that functionality to Benchling.
We think you’ll love it. Here’s why:
Easy to use.

  1. Insert a table as normal.
  2. Type an “=” character to begin the formula.
  3. Have the time of your life.

Better organization.
Spreadsheet formulas are self-documenting and now you can keep them close to your protocol.
No more error-prone scratch work.
Quickly alter a volume, concentration, or the number of tubes, and then watch the computations update instantaneously.
Embed them anywhere in a protocol and even reference other tables in your formulas.
We’ve worked really hard to make the spreadsheet experience as familiar as possible, with mouse and keyboard navigation, as well as a handful of keyboard shortcuts! If you have used Excel, you are already an expert.

To learn more about spreadsheets, check out our knowledgebase article, Using Spreadsheets in Protocols.

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