How to Upgrade from Vector NTI to Benchling

BY Roger Pellegrini
June 24, 2019

Modern molecular biology deserves modern software

In the past decade, molecular biology has evolved tremendously, but sequence design software has stagnated. Most sequence design tools are point solutions that weren’t built for modern scientific workflows or cross-team collaboration. Such tools ultimately can’t meet the full needs of complex R&D workflows, since they don’t meaningfully integrate with broader informatics infrastructures. As a result, R&D organizations struggle to tie downstream assay data back to sequences and can’t fully leverage the data they’re producing. This regularly slows down research and and introduces risks into process development and scale up.

Within today’s life science R&D organizations, molecular biology is high-throughput, collaborative, and organizationally complex. To meet these needs, companies need much more than a desktop-based point solution. They need cloud-based software unified with a broader informatics platform, so they can transfer context across teams and trace from sequences down to the results of individuals candidates.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how you can digitally transform your molecular biology with Benchling’s modern, cloud-based platform.

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