Sitting Down with Adicet Bio

BY Kyrstin Lulow
July 10, 2019

Building a Data Infrastructure for Cutting-Edge T Cell Therapies

Adicet Bio is harnessing the properties of gamma delta T cells to develop allogenic immunotherapies to treat cancer. At Benchtalk West this April, Jeannette Grant, Associate Director of Project Management, sat down with us to share how Adicet Bio uses Benchling to transform their work. For Jeannette, data management is key to ultimately bring therapies to the clinic. So with Benchling, Adicet Bio has an organizational and data infrastructure that is both flexible enough to handle their varied and growing team as well as centralize and store their data in one place. As a result, Adicet secures their data’s integrity, spends less time hunting down data, and can continue their cutting-edge work.


Interested in learning more about how Adicet Bio uses Benchling?

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