Announcing Benchtalk West: The premier forum for life science R&D and IT

BY Sean Smith
January 22, 2020

At Benchling, we’re thrilled to be fostering a community of life science R&D and IT professionals. To bring this community together, we’re hosting Benchtalk West, Benchling’s West Coast user forum, on Thursday, April 16 at AC Hotel in South San Francisco, CA.

Benchtalk West is an annual gathering of life science R&D leaders to learn, network, and share best practices. There is a variety of sessions, suitable for everyone from seasoned Benchling users to those interested in getting started. We’ve outlined some of the learning opportunities below. Visit the event page to explore the agenda and get your ticket.

Explore the Agenda

Pre-Event Benchling Workshops: Become a power user

For the first time, we will be hosting pre-event workshops. For those new to Benchling, introductory sessions will help you learn from current users and set you up for success on the Benchling platform. More advanced sessions will offer a hands-on deep dive into some of Benchling’s most advanced and powerful functions. Participants will have the chance to:

  • Build a custom analytics dashboard to answer new questions about R&D
  • Discover Benchling’s new high-throughput molecular biology toolset
  • Look under the hood and learn how Benchling enables instrument integration and lab automation
  • Review data fundamentals for large molecule R&D, and how to capture and search for data in Benchling.

Tickets to the Benchling User Workshops are $299, but we are offering the first 50 tickets at a discounted rate of $99.

User Presentations: Learn how leading biopharma companies are using Benchling to power R&D

During the plenary session we’ll be joined by some of the most forward-thinking life science leaders as they discuss their research and how they use Benchling to optimize R&D. Presenters at Benchtalk West 2020 include:

  • Erik Bierwagen, Principal Bioinformatics Software Engineer @ Genentech
  • Dima Gharaibeh, Senior Associate Scientist/Project Manager @ Sorrento Therapeutics
  • Further speakers to be announced…

Product Roadmap: Get a sneak peek of upcoming releases on the Benchling Platform

Finally, Benchling Co-Founder Ashu Singhal will join us to talk about some of the releases we have planned for 2020 and beyond. We’re excited to share our product roadmap, including enhanced support for lab automation, small molecule R&D, and GxP environments. Ashu will outline Benchling’s plan to support customers as they continue to push the boundaries of life science R&D.

We’ve worked hard to develop a truly compelling program delivered by industry leaders — see the full agenda and speaker lineup at — we hope to see you there!

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