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Accelerate Innovation on the Life Sciences R&D Cloud

More than 600 biopharma, agritech, and industrial biotech companies trust Benchling to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

It’s time for software to catch up to science.

Legacy R&D software is a drain on scientific potential. It slows down R&D progress, scatters data across silos, and wipes out institutional knowledge.

Benchling is the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud. Accelerate, measure, and forecast R&D – from discovery through bioprocessing – all in one place.
Discover the Benchling Difference
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The Benchling Life Sciences R&D Cloud

  • Applications

    A suite of six natively unified applications that accelerate R&D at all levels.
  • Platform

    Codeless configuration, open integration, and dashboards tailored to your needs.
  • Services

    Deep life science R&D and consulting expertise ensure ongoing success.

Make breakthrough discoveries faster than ever before.

  • Less busywork. More collaboration.

    Benchling is a unified R&D platform, so you spend less time entering and hunting for data, and more time working together to move your research forward.
  • Answer new questions about your R&D

    Scientists, managers, and executives can optimize R&D output with complete visibility into experimental context, program performance, and resource utilization.
  • Forecast with confidence

    Manage your R&D processes and analyze historical outcomes of your programs to better forecast milestones and resourcing needs.
  • Develop your scientific platform faster

    Rapidly iterate on R&D workflows and manage the complexity of your research to not only create a successful product, but build a successful platform.

The numbers speak for themselves

Legacy systems see low user adoption, decrease productivity, and lock away business insights. Benchling is a new paradigm for life science R&D, and the numbers show it.
  • 90
    increase in user adoption over legacy systems
  • 2
    increase in R&D team productivity
  • 85
    decrease in time from experimentation to data entry

Join over 200,000 scientists using
Benchling to power life science R&D