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Our mission is to accelerate life science for the benefit of humanity

  • Benchling is powering the biotechnology revolution

    Biotechnology is transforming every aspect of our lives – from the drugs we take, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear. To make these innovations a reality, life science organizations need better-engineered processes, greater predictability, and greater scalability. Benchling is making this possible by enabling rapid, iterative development, empowering faster and smarter decision-making, and accelerating the move to labless companies – for the benefit of us all.
  • Science has evolved. Software hasn’t.

    Legacy software was built according to outdated, inaccurate notions of how scientists and R&D organizations work. Benchling was founded on the belief that scientists' tools should reflect the way scientists actually work. Since day one, we've developed Benchling in close coordination with researchers and R&D organizations across a wide range of scientific modalities. This means that no matter your science, Benchling will work the way that you do.
  • Building a community of groundbreaking scientists

    We’re privileged to be able to bring together some of the world’s most forward-thinking R&D leaders. Through our series of Benchtalk forums, we regularly bring together hundreds of R&D executives throughout the world to discuss how they’re accelerating R&D in an age of digital transformation. And through the Benchling blog, we showcase the work and stories of pioneering scientists throughout industry and academia.

Our core values

  • Build a Lever

    We choose to build tools and infrastructure that will help others make world-changing innovations.
  • Empower through Information

    We believe that sharing information builds trust and enables better decision-making.
  • Rely on Tenacity

    Dreaming big isn’t enough. We must make the most of every day by bringing the highest level of determination to our work.
  • Raise the Bar

    We’re dedicated to creating a place where everyone feels challenged to improve.

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