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A mission to revolutionize research

Since 2012, Benchling has modernized the research process for over 200,000 scientists across 7,500+ universities and institutions. Throughout this time, we’ve always offered our product completely free to academics. That’s because we know that the innovation to transform every aspect of our lives — from the drugs we take, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear — starts in academia.
  • Accelerate science with adaptable tools

    Reduce the time you need to run experiments with Benchling and achieve ground-breaking results faster. Our tools are constantly updated to reflect the latest scientific advancements from researchers like you.
  • Integrate your lab notebook with sequence analysis

    Store biological sequences on the same platform where you store the rest of your data. In Benchling, your tools for sequence design and analysis are seamlessly integrated with your protocols, observations, and experimental results.
  • Safeguard research and laboratory knowledge

    Prevent the loss of laboratory knowledge when members transition, and maintain research continuity with Benchling. Being on the cloud means your data is backed up, timestamped, and accessible with any internet connection.
  • Streamline data sharing and collaboration

    Organize your data with Benchling to navigate through countless experiments and easily share data across your laboratory. Best of all, search for any result — yours or your collaborators' — if it’s in Benchling.

A unified platform for all research needs

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  • Molecular Biology
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  • External File Storage
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