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The life sciences R&D cloud for AGTC

A validated solution for bio-registration, experimental data capture, and process development.

"We see Benchling as the gold standard for our R&D software expectations. Our first project with Benchling was for our single-cell sequencing team. After a record-breaking four month rollout, Benchling is saving scientists in that team about one day per week."

IT Director
Top-10 Pharmaceutical Company

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Benchling’s unified platform accelerates innovative gene therapy R&D

Built for novel gene therapy workflows
Whether you're developing novel AAV vectors or designing new promoters, Benchling is flexible enough to adapt to your processes. Support cutting-edge technologies like single cell sequencing and high-throughput automation.
Capture, link, and centralize all your data, samples, and processes
All data in Benchling - from notebook entries, to assay results, to plasmid sequences, to entity metadata - is automatically interlinked and queryable. Quickly surface complete experimental context for any sample through robust search. Build dashboards and reports to provide a full view of your R&D.
Intuitive software that scientists actually use
The clunky ELNs and LIMS systems of the past slow down R&D progress, scatter data across silos, and wipe out institutional knowledge. Clients report a 90% increase in software adoption when switching from legacy systems to Benchling.
What Benchling has provided us is a single solution for multiple different problems, from sequence design and alignment to a centralized database. Our speed has doubled, communication has improved exponentially, and it has decreased scientist frustration level beyond measure.

Brenda Minesinger
Principal Scientist

The average results when a biotech switches to Benchling

hours saved per scientist per week
increase in satisfaction with digital tools
increase in confidence in data quality
Since our founding, science has remained our central guiding principle. Benchling fits perfectly into this philosophy, providing us a flexible informatics platform that enables our scientists to focus on high-impact research and deliver life-transforming medicines.

Nicholas Papadopoulos
SVP R&D Operations

A track record of digitally transforming biopharmaceutical R&D
How uniQure moved from paper to the cloud with Benchling
Benchling powers automation for Beam Therapeutics
An open platform for complex biology R&D data and processes
Use Benchling as a full platform, or integrate specific Benchling applications with your existing ecosystem through open APIs and event-based integrations.

Track every workflow, sample, and result from start to finish. Streamline cross-team collaboration, tech transfer and upstream/downstream process integration.

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Luis Nieto
Life Science Enablement Lead for AGTC

Joyce Lifland
Account Executive for AGTC