Modern software to accelerate AgriTech R&D.
Benchling is the first cloud platform powering AgriTech R&D to make breakthrough discoveries and bring them to market faster than ever before. Plant scientists trust Benchling to speed collaboration and convert the complexity of their science into world-changing results.
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Benchling saves AgriTech R&D scientists one day per week
Molecular Biologists
Execute cutting-edge genetic engineering workflows from start to finish on a single software platform
Transformation Scientists
Generate transgenic plants more efficiently with end-to-end traceability and built-in data visualization
Plant Scientists
Select desirable plants faster with a comprehensive view of relevant results and plant pedigree
Innovative AgriTech companies run on Benchling

“Benchling covers our entire pipeline, from the idea of the gene to the final edited product. We track which crop a plant comes from, along with its genetic editing information, its age, the transformation media in which it grows - everything.”

Brigitte Hofmeister
Bioinformatics Software Engineer @ Pairwise Plants