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Genmab deserves a modern lab notebook for antibody therapeutics

Transform your R&D with Benchling Notebook, built for modern life science.

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Benchling vs. IDBS

Join the leading life science companies using Benchling

Discover the Benchling Difference

A track record of transforming antibody therapeutics
A platform built for knock-your-socks-off antibody R&D. We are more than a Notebook.
Benchling is easy to use
Benchling has a low learning curve, and our UI is designed to map to scientists' diverse and ever-changing workflows.

Benchling is the perfect fit for antibody therapeutics
Our platform is purpose-built to support the development of everything from biologics and biomaterials to strains and small molecules.

Benchling is designed to support new & rapidly evolving workflows
Your team can configure and adjust workflows, templates, and data models on the fly without a single line of code.
Trusted by innovative biotechs
We're your experts in science and software. Our Customer Success team has configured, integrated, and implemented Benchling at 400+ biotechs and pharmaceutical companies on the cutting-edge of life science R&D.

Managed services, engineering services, and in-app support chat ensure long-standing success.

Upgrade to the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud to start driving smarter, faster decisions within R&D.

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