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Benchling is a life science informatics platform which simplifies and accelerates your most complex and high-impact R&D processes, including viral vector production. Benchling saves viral vector production teams a day per week so they can spend more time doing science, not busywork.
Benchling addresses key challenges for viral vector production teams:
Increase efficiency and accuracy of plasmid design
Vector core scientists often do not have a central DNA repository resulting in needless recreation of existing plasmids and design errors. Benchling's molecular biology suite helps to ensure sequence-level uniqueness, design and analyze plasmids in bulk, and maintain full sequence context downstream.
Centralize and optimize production processes
Process engineers often have to piece together in-process and analytical data from different sources to make process optimization decisions. Benchling enables teams to standardize data capture, centralize all production steps, and analyze and optimize process conditions all in a single, unified platform.
Simplify data and sample handoffs with analytical teams
For analytical lab scientists, it often takes several emails back and forth with the production team to receive sufficient information on their assay requests. Benchling allows research organizations to share complete sample context, automate results capture and reporting, and view team productivity in real time.
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“Since our founding, science has remained our central guiding principle. Benchling fits perfectly into this philosophy, providing us a flexible informatics platform that enables our scientists to focus on high-impact research and deliver life-transforming medicines."

Nicholas Papadopoulos
SVP R&D Operations

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