Benchling Presentation for Boehringer Ingelheim Biologics Development
June 8, 2021 // 11:00 CEST

Cell line development is an increasingly complex task that requires not only multiple teams but also various applications and specialised tools to make impactful decisions. While characterisation parameters get more detailed, the need for high-throughput screening and testing leaves scientists with tools that rely on manual tasks or simply do not communicate well with each other.

Benchling helps to screen and select hits efficiently by aggregating data across experiments in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Access to the lab's inventory and full sample lineage means you don't need a secondary screen with multiple applications to get your job done!

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Benchling
  3. Opportunities for Cell Line Development
  4. Benchling Demonstration
  5. Discussion

Benchling’s unified platform accelerates biologics R&D

Built for modern biology & robotics
Model DNA and AA sequences, variable chains, scFvs, antibodies, and any other biological construct. Support cutting-edge technologies like CRISPR gene editing, single cell sequencing, and high-throughput automation. Integrate with lab hardware to streamline orchestration.
Capture, link, and centralize all your data, samples, and processes
From notebook entries, to samples and inventory, to process data and assay results – all your data is automatically interlinked. Drive faster and better decisions with complete experimental context and insights.
A unified solution for validated environments
With Benchling Validated Cloud, R&D teams share key data to accelerate time-to-market while meeting compliance requirements. Research and Development teams can advance programs using the same solution.
Driving Regeneron's digital transformation since 2018
Since our founding, science has remained our central guiding principle. Benchling fits perfectly into this philosophy, providing us a flexible informatics platform that enables our scientists to focus on high-impact research and deliver life-transforming medicines.

Nicholas Papadopoulos
SVP R&D Operations

A track record of digitally transforming biopharmaceutical R&D
An open platform for complex biology R&D data and processes
Use Benchling as a full platform, or integrate specific Benchling applications with your existing ecosystem through open APIs and event-based integrations.

Track every workflow, sample, and result from start to finish. Streamline cross-team collaboration, tech transfer and upstream/downstream process integration.
Trusted by innovative biotechs
We're your experts in science and software. Our Customer Success team has configured, integrated, and implemented Benchling at 500+ biotechs and pharmaceutical companies on the cutting-edge of life science R&D.

Managed services, engineering services, and in-app support chat ensure long-standing success.
The numbers speak for themselves
increase in user adoption over legacy systems
increase in R&D team productivity
decrease in time from experimentation to data entry

Upgrade to the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud to start driving smarter, faster decisions.

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Alex Seiffermann
Life Science Enablement Lead for Boehringer Ingelheim

Tim Zeppenfeld
Account Manager for Boehringer Ingelheim

Michel Riese
Scientific Solutions Consultant for Boehringer Ingelheim