Buyer’s Guide: Choosing an Informatics Platform for Gene Therapy R&D
Having worked with hundreds of gene therapy companies, Benchling knows what it takes to be successful. To help gene therapy R&D teams find an informatics platform that will efficiently advance their unique pipeline, we’ve created an evaluation framework that highlights the critical features that separate a modern, powerful platform from legacy software and overcomplicated spreadsheets.
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Learn about the the key capabilities that separate a modern platform from legacy software
Our flexible platform, comprehensive suite of molecular biology tools, and codeless configuration can adapt to any gene therapy workflow—from viral and non-viral vectors to CRISPR R&D.
Coordinate sample and data handoffs and streamline communication across research, analytical, and process development teams on our platform that can automatically interlink your R&D workflows from plasmid development through release testing.
In-process, product release, and investigational assay results are all centralized and viewable with customizable dashboards so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your gene therapy pipeline and the related processes.
Innovative gene therapy companies run on Benchling

“What Benchling has provided us is a single solution for multiple different problems, from sequence design and alignment to a centralized database. Our speed has doubled, communication has improved exponentially, and it’s decreased scientist frustration level beyond measure.”

Brenda Minesinger
Principal Scientist @ Intellia Therapeutics