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Benchling for Cell Therapy R&D

Track and interlink cell-based entities and cell engineering workflows, genome editing, product characterization, scale-up, and tech transfer.

As companies rush to bring more novel cell therapies to the market, they face several R&D complexities.

Cell therapies such as stem cells, CAR T cells, and TCR have been of significant interest in research over the past few decades. This paper outlines the critical needs and complexities of cell therapy R&D, and how Benchling has helped address these challenges for leading cell therapy companies.
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Cell Therapy Research

  • Manage a variety of cell-based entities and constructs including CAR-Ts, TCRs, and stem cells

    • Design and analyze cell-based entities with sequence-level intelligence
    • Map donor cells, vectors, genetic material, and final product relationships
    • View complete experimental context of your cell therapy product lots
  • Edit the genome of novel targets, immunotherapies, cell lines, and stem cells

    • Create and edit gRNA sequences with on/off-target scoring
    • Manage your library of targeted nucleases
    • Perform gene editing experiments
  • Integrate novel cell engineering methods and workflows

    • Create custom workflows for specific cell engineering methods
    • Have real-time visibility into your discovery process
    • Modify your workflows without vendor involvement as program needs change

Obsidian Theraputics: Unlocking pivotal R&D answers

Hear how Benchling's integrated sample tracking and note taking generates strong user adoption and empowers Obsidian to extract completely new learnings from their data.

Cell Therapy Development

  • Address product characterization challenges

    • Integrate with cutting-edge instruments and analytical tools
    • Track batch history and link with functional characteristics
    • Manage results from complex, quickly evolving assays and execute large-scale results queries
  • Optimize scale-up of allogenic and autologous cell therapies

    • Design a standardized cell therapy production process with built-in flexibility
    • Track production process parameters and batch-to-batch variations
    • Integrate with automated solutions to monitor yield and output
  • Facilitate tech transfer from research to development

    • Create a central repository of all experimental data
    • Define preliminary critical product and process attributes
    • Enable real-time collaboration across research, development, and production to flag and mitigate risks

Optimizing Cell Engineering with a Unified Informatics Platform

Rubius Therapeutics is genetically engineering red blood cell therapeutics, or RCTs, to treat a range of diseases.
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