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"With Benchling it's so much faster and easier to find the information that you want, and share information even in real time. Series of experiments go faster, program timelines go faster, and it shortens the timelines for the development of our therapeutics."
Cherylene Plewa
Senior Director of Molecular Biology
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  • Syngenta: Driving faster seed and agricultural development at a global scale

    Syngenta is using Benchling to push the boundaries of agriculture and technology, enabling a more sustainable future for everyone.
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  • Cue Biopharma: Evolving into a clinical-stage organization

    Cue Biopharma is using Benchling to run a clinical-stage company that can drive safe, efficacious immunotherapies to reach patients faster.
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  • Anagenex: Teaming up with a trailblazer to develop next-gen drug discovery

    Learn how Benchling is increasing the speed of Anagenex's drug discovery engine by 200%.
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  • Spotlight Therapeutics: Startup unifies lab management to pave the way for Big Data analytics

    Spotlight was able to accelerate experiments and save over 1.6 hours per week per scientists by unifying their data management under Benchling.
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  • Inzen Therapeutics: Accelerating Thanokine-based therapeutics with a modern data infrastructure

    At Inzen Therapeutics, the process of cell death is not the end, but rather the start of therapeutics discovery. Learn how Benchling made data at Inzen more searchable and traceable.
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  • Pairwise: Cultivating the Fruits and Vegetables of Tomorrow

    Learn how AgTech leader Pairwise manages the complexities of plant biology on top of the challenges of bulk gene-editing.
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  • Enveda Biosciences: Building a Backbone for Machine Learning in the Life Sciences

    Enveda is discovering drugs inspired by medicinal plants by using their AI metabolomics platform. Benchling has helped improve the integrity of the data feeding computational pipelines by 130%.
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  • Jounce Therapeutics: Migrating to an All-In-One Informatics Solution for Immunotherapy R&D

    How Benchling helped Jounce Therapeutics recapture lost time and value in their immunotherapy R&D pipeline.
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  • UniQure: Bringing a Gene Therapy Pioneer from Paper to the Cloud

    UniQure modernized their gene therapy workflows by bringing it into the Cloud, enabling end-to-end tracking, international collaboration, and increased efficiency.
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  • TurtleTree Labs: A Data Foundation to Rapidly Scale Clean Milk Production

    TurtleTree Labs’ mission is to shape the future for dairy milk and infant nutrition production by creating milk in the lab. TurtleTree Labs' leadership had the foresight to adopt Benchling early, and scientists have since seen over a 40% decrease in time spent on data management.
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  • Benchling Powers Automation and NGS at Beam Therapeutics

    Bob Gantzer, Head of Lab Automation and Robotics at Beam Therapeutics, shares how Benchling powers their automation and NGS workflows.
  • Benchling Helps Xilio Therapeutics See Complex Lessons in Their Data

    Hear from Bench Scientist Dheeraj Tomar about how Benchling made accessing and sharing data easier for Xilio as they grew.
  • Fireside Chat: Elevating Virtual R&D Collaboration While Out of the Lab

    Join us for a roundtable discussion with life science leaders from Maverick Therapeutics, Plant Response, and Verve Therapeutics on how they're working with Benchling to boost collaboration, and the projects they've chosen to focus on with a partially remote workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Benchling is the Intuitive Software Solution for Dragonfly Therapeutics

    Robert Ruidera, a Bench Scientist at Dragonfly Therapeutics, shares how Dragonfly sees Benchling as more intuitive than most LIMS and ELN software.
  • Sorrento Therapeutics: Complete Your R&D Transformation with Sample Traceability

    When it comes to digitalizing biologics R&D, cloud-based notebooks and molecular biology tools are just the beginning. Hear from Sorrento Therapeutics on how Sorrento has unlocked a new level of data-driven decision making using the sample tracking capabilities of the Benchling platform.
  • SynBioBeta | Benchling & Pairwise – The Future of Agriculture

    In a webinar moderated by SynBioBeta, hear from Pairwise and Benchling on how they are partnering to put gene editing to work at the scale and speed of the cloud.
  • The Jennifer Doudna Lab Knocks CRISPR Out of the Park with Benchling

    Learn more about her lab's vision for CRISPR, how Doudna Lab members build a team — in the lab and on a softball field, and how Benchling enables their innovative research.
  • Benchling: Accelerating Life Science Breakthroughs

    Hear from Benchling customers including Denali Therapeutics and Aralez Bio on how Benchling is enabling them to fundamentally rewrite the way we live over the next decade instead of taking 30-50 years.
  • Bolt Threads: Optimizing Biomaterials R&D

    Bolt Threads is revolutionizing fabrics with bioengineered materials. Learn about how Bolt uses Benchling to centralize data, streamline R&D, and gain insights that drive decision making.
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  • Customer Success Snapshots

    Read Benchling success stories from Incyte, Intellia Theraputics, Synlogic, Zymergen, Agenus, and Obsidian Therapeutics.
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  • Fireside Chat with Benchling Customers at Benchtalk Summit 2019

    Hear from Bioverativ and Rubius Therapeutics as they showcase why their teams chose Benchling, the R&D challenges they previously faced with legacy software, and what was top of mind when choosing a new solution.
  • Industry Spotlight: Eligo Bioscience

    Hear from Benchling customer Eligo Bioscience about how they are inventing novel approaches to microbiome medicine.
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  • Sitting Down with Adicet Bio: The Next Generation of Cellular Therapies

    Adicet Bio focuses on gamma delta T-cells for immuno-oncology therapies, and for Adicet, their data integrity is key. At Benchtalk West this April, we sat down with Jeannette Grant from Adicet Bio to discuss how they use Benchling to power their platform and build a data infrastructure to last.
  • Agenus: Building a Global Informatics Platform

    Hear from Cherylene Plewa, Senior Director of Molecular Biology at Agenus, on how they have shortened the timelines for the development of their therapeutics by building a global informatics platform in Benchling.
  • A Conversation with Bolt Threads: Building Sustainable Biomaterials

    Hear from Deven Dharm and Patrick Johnson of Bolt Threads on how Benchling has become a “universal source of truth” for Bolt that gives them deeper insights into their process, enhances their decision making, and accelerate their discovery.
  • Adicet Bio: Building the Next Generation of Cellular Therapies

    Jeanette Grant, Associate Director of Project Management, discussed the unique challenges in developing these cutting-edge therapeutics, and how Benchling is changing the way Adicet organizes and carries out R&D.
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  • Bolt Threads: Leveraging Data to Engineer Revolutionary, Nature-Inspired Materials

    Hear from Deven Dharm, Director of Software Engineering, and Patrick Johnson, Systems Analyst, as they outline how they work with Benchling to simplify R&D informatics and empower their scientists with a flexible and reliable platform.
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  • Benchtalk West’s Panel Discussion: Planning, Optimizing, and Measuring Life Science R&D

    Hear from a panel of life science leaders as they discuss the ins and outs of planning for success and scaling iterative R&D processes such as preparing to scale before you have data, improving iteration after iteration, and inspiring team-wide collaboration.
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  • Obsidian Theraputics: Unlocking pivotal R&D answers

    Hear how Benchling's integrated sample tracking and note taking generates strong user adoption and empowers Obsidian to extract completely new learnings from their data.
  • Adicet Bio: Building a Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Cell Therapies

    Learn how Adicet Bio ensures their data's integrity with Benchling as their centralized, standardized data infrastructure platform.
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  • Rubius: Optimizing Cell Engineering with a Unified Informatics Platform

    Learn how Rubius Therapeutics uses Benchling to collaborate and manage their R&D of red blood cell therapeutics.
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  • Synlogic: Accelerating Synthetic Biology with Fully Unified Informatics

    Read more about how Synlogic Therapeutics is using Benchling to automate and centralize data capture from their fermentation process.
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  • Agenus: Building a Global Informatics Infrastructure

    Learn how Benchling replaced Agenus's multiple informatics systems with a single platform across discovery, screening, and characterization.
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  • Zymergen: Integrating the custom solutions of a technology powerhouse

    Read how Zymergen uses Benchling as a central platform to unite their custom tools and collaborate seamlessly across teams.
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  • Agenus and Benchling: Scaling Your Biologics R&D Programs

    Dennis Underwood, VP of Molecular Information Systems at Agenus, and Sajith Wickramasekara, CEO and Co-Founder of Benchling, discuss best practice strategies to streamline R&D operations.
  • Rubius Therapeutics: Pioneering a New Era of Cellular Therapies

    Tiffany Chen, Director of Discovery at Rubius Therapeutics, discusses the unique data problems presented by red blood cell therapies, and how Benchling is changing the way that Rubius organizes and carries out R&D.
  • Synlogic: Accelerating Synthetic Biology with Fully Unified Informatics

    Scott Hamilton, Senior Lead Process Engineer at Synlogic, shows us how he uses Benchling to integrate bioreactors directly with informatics, and accelerate data capture and analytics, which is freeing up scientists to spend less time processing data, and more time analyzing it.
  • Panel Discussion: R&D Management in an Age of Unprecedented Technological Change

    Listen to a panel discussion featuring Christine Loh of Kymera Therapeutics, Dennis Underwood of Agenus and Vipin Suri of Obsidian Therapeutics as they share their experience managing R&D programs during a time of rapid technical innovation.

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