Customer Stories

"With Benchling it's so much faster and easier to find the information that you want, and share information even in real time. Series of experiments go faster, program timelines go faster, and it shortens the timelines for the development of our theraputics."
Cherylene Plewa
Senior Director of Molecular Biology, Agenus
  • Obsidian Theraputics: Unlocking pivotal R&D answers

    Hear how Benchling's integrated sample tracking and note taking generates strong user adoption and empowers Obsidian to extract completely new learnings from their data.
  • Customer Success Snapshots

    Read Benchling success stories from Incyte, Intellia Theraputics, Agenus, Warp Drive Bio, Zymergen, Obsidian Theraputics, and Inhibrx.
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  • Agenus: Building a global informatics infrastructure

    Learn how Benchling replaced Agenus's multiple informatics systems with a single platform across discovery, screening, and characterization.
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  • Zymergen: Integrating the custom solutions of a technology powerhouse

    Read how Zymergen uses Benchling as a central platform to unite their custom tools and collaborate seamlessly across teams.
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  • Arcturus: Enhancing research by 30%

    With Benchling, Arcturus saw a dramatic increase in scientist collaboration and reduced time to data entry by 85%.
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  • Agenus and Benchling: Scaling your biologics R&D programs

    Dennis Underwood, VP of Molecular Information Systems at Agenus, and Sajith Wickramasekara, CEO and Co-Founder of Benchling, discuss best practice strategies to streamline R&D operations.
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