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Meet our customers

“Since our founding, science has remained our central guiding principle. Benchling fits perfectly into this philosophy, providing us a flexible informatics platform that enables our scientists to focus on high-impact research and deliver life-transforming medicines.”
Nicholas Papadopoulos SVP R&D Operations, Regeneron

More than 215,000 scientists worldwide across pharma, biotech, and academia

  • Pfizer

    One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies developing cutting-edge drugs in immunology, oncology, cardiology, and more.
  • Regeneron

    A leading biotechnology company using the power of science to bring new medicines to patients in need.
  • Zoetis

    Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways, delivering medicines, vaccines, and diagnostic products.
  • Ginkgo

    Ginkgo Bioworks is designing custom organisms for customers across multiple markets, learning from nature to replace technology with biology.
  • Mammoth Biosciences

    Mammoth Biosciences provides a CRISPR-based platform for disease detection across healthcare, agriculture, and other industries
  • Daiichi Sankyo Inc

    Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited is a global pharmaceutical company and the second-largest pharmaceutical company in Japan.
  • Eisai

    Eisai is a human health care (hhc) company seeking innovative solutions in disease prevention, treatment and care for the health and well-being of people worldwide.
  • BEAM Therapeutics

    Beam is pioneering the use of base editing — a potential new class of precision genetic medicines — with a vision of providing life-long cures to patients suffering from serious diseases.
  • BP Biosciences

    BP’s Biosciences Center conducts innovative research, supports strategic investments and manages academic partnerships designed to accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon future.
  • Arsenal Biosciences

    ArsenalBio was founded to discover, develop and commercialize curative immune cell therapies.
  • Rubius

    Rubius Therapeutics is realizing the power of red by creating red blood cells and transforming them into cellular medicines.
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  • Kite Pharma

    Kite, a Gilead company, is dedicated to achieving one of the most ambitious goals of 21st century medicine: curing cancer.
  • Zymergen

    Unlocking the power of biology to make strain optimization as reliable and predictable as other engineering processes.
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  • Spotlight Therapeutics

    We are creating next-generation programmable nucleases that can selectively edit specific cell populations directly in the body.
  • Kyverna Therapeutics

    Kyverna Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of therapies and cures for serious autoimmune diseases.
  • Pairwise

    Pairwise is bringing together leaders in agriculture and technology to harness the potential of genome editing to address consumers’ and farmers’ needs.
  • Editas

    A leading genome editing company dedicated to treating patients with genetically defined diseases.
  • Insitro

    insitro will integrate cutting-edge machine learning techniques with the innovations that have occurred in life sciences that enable the creation of the large, high-quality data sets.
  • Bolt Threads

    Bolt Threads is bioengineering the next generation of fabrics and garments with their Microsilk and Mylo technologies.
  • Denali Therapeutics

    Denali Therapeutics is dedicated to defeating neurodegenerative diseases through rigorous therapeutic discovery and development.
  • Sorrento

    Sorrento Therapeutics is a clinical stage, antibody-centric biopharmaceutical company developing new therapies to turn malignant cancers into manageable and possible curable diseases.
  • Lyell Immunopharma

    Lyell Immunopharma Inc. is a cellular therapy company dedicated to mastering immune cell functionality.
  • Sana Biotechnology

    Sana is creating engineered cells to repair and control genes in cells or replace missing or damaged cells to solve the underlying causes of disease.
  • Synlogic

    Synlogic is working at the cross section of biology and engineering, advancing a new class of medicines for patients.
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  • Adicet Bio

    Universal, off-the-shelf immune cell therapy for treatment of cancer and other diseases
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  • Ligand Pharmaceuticals

    Ligand has one of the largest and most diverse portfolios in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently approved portfolio drugs include those that treat cancer, osteoporosis, and fungal infections.
  • Arcturus Therapeutics

    An industry leader in the application of RNA technologies for the treatment of disease and improved quality of life.
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  • Caribou Biosciences

    Advancing new applications for CRISPR-Cas gene editing to help bring the promise this technology holds for patients and consumers to reality.
  • New England Biolabs

    Recombinant and native enzyme reagents for life science research. Provides solutions supporting genome editing, synthetic biology and next-generation sequencing.
  • Agenus

    Using the power of the immune system to develop a broad range of innovative therapeutic antibody and vaccine candidates against cancer.
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  • Dragonfly Therapeutics

    Developing novel first-in-class therapeutics targeted at Natural Killer cells and other cells of the innate immune system.
  • eGenesis

    Making xenotransplantation a routine medical procedure for the delivery of safe & effective human transplantable cells, tissues & organs.
  • IGM Biosciences

    IGM is pioneering the development of the IgM class of antibodies as therapeutic treatments for human disease.
  • Invaio Sciences

    Invaio Sciences is a transformative early-stage startup developing a platform to control the fitness and behavior of pests and target insects in a targeted, sustainable, and natural way.
  • Kymera Therapeutics

    Kymera Therapeutics is pioneering a new therapeutic modality and platform to transform drug discovery and deliver breakthrough medicines for previously untreatable diseases.
  • Tenaya Therapeutics

    Tenaya is addressing heart failure through multipronged efforts that target the fundamental cellular pathologies present in diseased cardiac muscle.
  • TScan Therapeutics

    TScan is harnessing novel T cell systems to extend the promise of immunotherapy.
  • Arcus Biosciences

    Arcus is utilizing its small molecule discovery and development capabilities to create innovative cancer immunotherapies.
  • Bioverativ

    Bioverativ Inc. is an American multinational biotechnology that specializes in the discovery, development, and delivery of therapies for the treatment of haemophilia.
  • Surrozen

    Surrozen is discovering and developing novel regenerative medicines with a focus on unlocking the powerful self-renewal properties of the body through specific control of the Wnt signaling pathway.
  • Adimab

    A premier human antibody discovery and optimization platform defined by speed, diversity, and quality.
  • Antheia

    Providing a stable and cost-competitive supply of plant-based medicines and to transform the discovery, manufacture, and distribution of medicines.
  • Atreca

    Atreca focuses on the immune responses of patients to discover and develop novel immunotherapies.
  • Cedilla Therapeutics

    Cedilla is harnessing intrinsic protein stability mechanisms to broaden the reach of small molecule therapeutics to work on diseases caused by protein dysregulation.
  • Cue Biopharma

    Cue Biopharma is an immunotherapy company developing a novel, proprietary class of biologics engineered to selectively modulate the human immune system.
  • CytomX

    CytomX is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company – intent on revolutionizing the way we treat cancer.
  • Harpoon Therapeutics

    Leveraging a platform focused on T cell engagement to discover and develop novel biologics for the treatment of cancer and other diseases
  • Hibercell

    HiberCell is developing first-in-class therapeutics that target dormant disseminated tumor cells from solid and liquid cancers to the prevent or delay the recurrence of cancer.
  • Lung Biotechnology

    Lung Biotechnology's mission is to simplify and democratize the treatment of lung disease, using biotechnology to design therapies for PAH and other fatal lung diseases.
  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals

    Discovering transformative new treatments by leveraging the speed of automation with the intelligence of computers.
  • Senti Biosciences

    Leveraging expertise in cell engineering and biological programming to build the future of gene and cell based therapies.
  • Translate Bio

    Translate Bio is an mRNA therapeutics company developing a new class of potentially transformative medicines to treat diseases caused by protein or gene dysfunction.
  • uniQure

    Delivering on the promise of gene therapy, single treatments with potentially curative results.
  • Xencor

    Expanding the therapeutic boundaries of monoclonal antibody drugs with its XmAb antibody engineering platform.
  • Arbor Biotechnologies

    We have built a next-generation biodiscovery platform to uncover novel CRISPR enzymes and systems that can power transformative applications across a range of industries.
  • Arch Oncology

    At Arch Oncology, we are aiming high to discover and develop new antibody therapeutics to treat patients living with cancer.
  • Arvinas

    At Arvinas, we’re leading the creation of an entirely new way to treat disease through therapies that target and degrade disease-related proteins.
  • Cogen Therapeutics

    Cogen Therapeutics develops immune modulation therapeutics that control the immune system, targeting the specific drivers of disease.
  • Sound Agriculture

    Sound Agriculture, formerly known as Asilomar Bio, is developing technologies to help growers sustainably increase productivity by enhancing crop nutrient and water use.
  • Synbal

    Synbal, Inc. is using its proprietary next-generation gene-editing platform, Active Genetics, to develop safer, non-viral, cell-based gene therapy candidates.
  • Alector

    Our mission is to eliminate neurodegeneration through immuno-neurology. This is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the body's own immune system to combat these devastating diseases.
  • ABL Bio

    ABL Bio is one of the world's leading biotech research companies focusing on the development of therapeutic drugs for immuno-oncology & neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Carisma Therapeutics

    Carisma Therapeutics is pioneering CAR macrophage immunotherapy to target solid tumors.
  • Cygnal Therapeutics

    Cygnal Therapeutics is developing drugs to manipulate exoneural biology for the treatment of cancer, immunological diseases, and regenerative processes.
  • Eligo Bioscience

    Developing a new class of targeted biotherapeutic agents to selectively intervene on the microbiome.
  • Inari

    Developing and delivering innovative therapies that harness the human gut microbiome.
  • Incyte

    Investigating the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment through both small and large molecule approaches that target diverse mechanisms.
  • Maverick Therapeutics

    Redirected T cell therapeutics designed to deliver potent activity with increased tumor specificity and reduced toxicity.
  • Obsidian Therapeutics

    Building cell therapies with pharmacologic operating systems to provide treating physicians with precise and dynamic control of engineered cells in patients.
  • Orum

    Developing next-generation therapeutic antibodies to directly target cytosolic proteins associated with many human diseases that have been previously considered untreatable.
  • Pandion Therapeutics

    Shifting the paradigm from systemic immunosuppression to localized immunomodulation with the next generation of targeted therapeutics.
  • Verseau

    Transforming immunotherapy.
  • Voyager Therapeutics

    Developing life-changing gene therapies with a focus on severe neurological diseases that lack safe and effective treatment options.
  • Amunix

    Amunix is leveraging our expertise in precision protein engineering to enable the promise of T cell engagers in solid tumors.
  • CERo Therapeutics

    CERo Therapeutics, Inc. is a new cellular immunotherapy company. We have created a hybrid platform that integrates innate and adaptive programs to eliminate disease.
  • Chimera Bioengineering

    We’re unlocking the complexities of the immune system to develop highly effective, precisely targeted therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • Compass Therapeutics

    We’re unlocking the complexities of the immune system to develop highly effective, precisely targeted therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases
  • D2G Oncology

    D2G Oncology relates drugs to genotypes to transform precision cancer therapeutics.
  • Dyno Therapeutics

    Dyno Therapeutics is leading a machine learning revolution to develop technologies that dramatically enhance new therapies for genetic disease.
  • Glympse Bio

    We are pioneering the development of synthetic biomarkers that are bioengineered to be perfectly tunable to any disease, absolutely specific, and offer earlier measures of response.
  • Locus Biosciences

    We are an emerging biotechnology company that develops precision antibacterial products.
  • Oncomyx

    OncoMyx Therapeutics is developing oncolytic immunotherapies based on the myxoma virus (MYXV) platform to orchestrate an immune response and treat cancer.
  • Ring Therapeutics

    We are developing Anellovectors™, the first potentially redosable and targetable gene therapy platform, by harnessing the human commensal virome
  • Soteria Biotherapeutics

    We are developing next-generation immunotherapies with improved efficacy and safety. 
  • Strand Therapeutics

    Strand is increasing mRNA therapy safety and efficacy by programming the location, timing, and intensity of therapeutic protein expression inside a patient’s body using mRNA-encoded logic circuits.
  • enGene Incorporated

    enGene has developed a robust non-viral gene-therapy platform to transport DNA sequences across mucosal barriers.
  • Ribometrix

    Discovering small molecule drugs that target functional 3D RNA structures to treat human diseases.
  • Asimov

    Asimov strives to enable biotechnologies with global benefit by combining synthetic biology and computer science.
  • Finch

    Developing and delivering innovative therapies that harness the human gut microbiome.
  • Freenome

    Making cancer screening and diagnostics as accurate and accessible as possible, through a fusion of machine learning, biology and computer science.
  • Horizon

    A leading gene editing company that designs and engineers genetically modified cells for clinical applications.
  • Inhibrx

    Enabling fit-for-function biotherapeutics that optimally interface with the biology of each target antigen, focus immune activation, and mediate enhanced signaling.
  • Jnana Therapeutics

    Jnana is pushing the frontiers of knowledge and technology to decipher the language of cellular metabolite communication and unlock SLC transporters as a therapeutic target class.
  • LogicBio Therapeutics

    Harnessing the body's natural DNA repair process to provide precise, stable, and durable therapies to patients with serious genetic diseases.
  • Lumen Bioscience

    Lumen Bioscience makes oral antibody therapeutics.
  • MiNA Therapeutics

    Harnessing the innate mechanism of gene activation, MiNA Therapeutics' platform enables the development of new medicines that restore normal function to patients’' cells.
  • Neucyte

    NeuCyte is an innovative biotechnology company focused on CNS drug discovery. NeuCyte has developed an in vitro platform for neurotoxicity assessment, disease modeling, and more.
  • Synpromics

    Improving human health by enabling safer, more effective cell and gene medicines through proprietary genomics, bioinformatics and intelligent data driven design.
  • 3T Biosciences

    3T Biosciences is solving a major bottleneck in the field of immunotherapy – identifying novel targets that can be used to generate therapies to treat cancer in broad patient populations.
  • Aralez Bio

    Aralez Bio uses engineered enzymes to make valuable products in a sustainable way.
  • Engine Biosciences

    Engine Biosciences is a venture-backed San Francisco- and Asia-based technology company pioneering network biomedicine.
  • GO Therapeutics

    GO Therapeutics is developing a range of cancer drug candidates that are exquisitely tumor specific.
  • GPCR Therapeutics

    GPCR Therapeutics, Inc. is developing pharmaceuticals based on the cutting-edge knowledge of G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs).
  • Kintai Therapeutics

    We leverage the body’s robust signaling networks to pioneer PEM™ compounds, a new class of precision-based orally available small molecule therapeutics to restore health and fight disease.
  • Lygos

    Lygos employs cutting edge synthetic biology techniques to generate microbial catalysts to convert agricultural feedstocks into fine and commodity chemicals.
  • NovoNutrients

    NovoNutrients transforms waste industrial CO2 into feed, through industrial biotech, initially for the fast-growing aquaculture sector.
  • RootPath Genomics

    RootPath is a Cambridge-based biotechnology company developing a powerful personalized T cell therapy platform that bridges precision medicine and cancer immunotherapy.
  • TCRCure Biopharma

    TCRCure possesses streamlined biotechnology development including vector and cell manufacturing, which enables clinical translation intended for full-fledged immunotherapy services
  • TripleBar Bio

    We see a future where biotechnology improves the sustainability of food supply production, processing, and packaging.
  • Y Biologics

    Since its foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to the discovery & development of novel antibody therapeutics.
  • AgBiome

    AgBiome develops innovative, cutting-edge solutions using new knowledge of the plant-associated microbiome to create novel products.
  • EnginZyme

    EnginZyme engineers cost-competitive biocatalytic solutions fast than ever before, using their universal system for enzyme immobilization.
  • Genus

    Investigating the application of novel gene editing technologies towards bovine genetics.
  • Abvance

    We are a science-driven biopharmaceutical start-up on a mission to deliver innovative antibody-based medicines for the treatment of immune disorders and inflammatory diseases.
  • Federation Bio

    The Future of the Microbiome - Harnessing the power of defined complex microbial communities to provide a robust and lasting cure for high unmet need diseases
  • Good Therapeutics

    Good Therapeutics is  developing "context-dependent" protein drugs that sense biomarkers and respond with a therapeutic activity.
  • Gordian Biotechnology

    Gordian is extending the reach of gene therapy to diseases of aging via a novel screening platform.
  • MacrophOx

    MacrophOx is pioneering sophisticated genetic, immunological and cell biological solutions to the major challenges that currently limit cell therapy for cancer.
  • NAVAN Technologies

    NAVAN Technologies, Inc. is an enabling technology company commercializing a novel non-viral delivery platform to radically accelerate genetic engineering of human primary cells.
  • PetMedix

    PetMedix is using the highest quality science to make the medicines our pets need and deserve, keeping them healthier, happier, and for longer.
  • Specifica

    Specifica creates antibody libraries in single chain Fv or Fab formats, in phage or yeast display platforms, and based on natural or synthetic sources.
  • Akrevia Therapeutics

    Akrevia Therapeutics is focused on developing highly potent, tumor-targeted immuno-oncology therapeutics.
  • Aether Biomachines

    Aether Biomachines is repurposing enzymes to reinvent previously discovered compounds and create novel compounds.
  • GeneQuine Biotherapeutics

    GeneQuine Biotherapeutics GmbH develops novel therapies for osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease with high unmet medical need.
  • Lucira Health

    We are revolutionizing the way infectious diseases are prevented, diagnosed, and monitored by developing tools to empower people to become knowledgeable about their health.
  • Hexagon Bio

    Mining massive amounts of genomic data from fungal genomes to identify novel drugs for diseases with unmet needs.
  • Rarecyte

    RareCyte is enabling next-generation analysis of rare cells with an open and end-to-end platform that supports clinical trials worldwide.
  • Antel Biosystems (CentralStar Cooperative)

    AntelBio is a leader in the development and application of innovative diagnostic solutions for the animal industry.
  • Apic Bio

    Apic Bio is committed to finding cures for patients with genetic diseases and is currently developing best-in-class treatment options for rare, devastating neurological and liver diseases.
  • Axitan

    Axitan has established a robust platform to engineer and grow microalgae in a cost effective and sustainable manner.
  • Biosyntia

    Biosyntia is a biotech startup within synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.
  • CB Therapeutics

    We Are Advancing Fermentation-based Cellular Agriculture to Produce Natural Molecules with Greater Purity, Consistency and Efficiency
  • Edi-Gene

    EdiGene is translating cutting-edge genome editing technologies into novel therapeutics for genetic diseases and cancer, and into creative solutions to advance drug discovery.
  • GigaGen

    GigaGen develops novel antibody therapies for patients with diseases that result from immune system dysregulation including cancer and immune deficiencies.
  • Hunterian Medicine

    Hunterian Medicine is a gene editing company poised to unleash the full potential of CRISPR.
  • Hyasynth Bio

    Our specialty is in producing natural molecules, derivatives, and new targets using a fast and scalable platform based on engineered microbes.
  • Immunai Inc.

    ImmunAI provides a platform that combines biology with machine-learning to unravel the immune system.
  • Persona Biome

    Persona Biome is dedicated to finding the health we have lost — starting with your skin.
  • Admirx

    Admirx is a preclinical-stage company developing anti-complement therapies to treat life threatening auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.
  • Samplix

    Samplix is a biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary technology for single molecule sample preparation.
  • Scenic Biotech

    Scenic is pioneering genetic modifies for drug discovery to build a pipeline of breakthrough products.
  • A-Alpha Bio

    We are a team of synthetic biologists and next-generation sequencing experts focused on disrupting the way that pharmaceutical companies discover, optimize, and characterize drugs.
  • Alkahest

    Alkahest is targeting neurodegenerative and age-related diseases with transformative therapies derived from a deep understanding of the plasma proteome in aging and disease.
  • Amyloid Solution

    Amyloid Solution seeks to overcome Alzheimer's Disease by developing innovative disease-modifying treatments that address different stages of patients during the course of disease progression.
  • Aromyx Corporation

    Aromyx uses the biological receptors from the human nose to create quantitative representations of sensory data for multiple applications.
  • Azitra

    Azitra Inc. is leveraging extensive scientific knowledge about the skin microbiome to discover and develop novel products for the treatment of adverse skin conditions and diseases.
  • Creatus Biosciences

    Creatus is developing one of the most attractive mixed-sugar biorefinery platforms in the industry
  • DefiniGEN

    DefiniGEN are a Cambridge UK company providing highly functional disease model human cells including hepatocytes, pancreatic beta cells and intestinal organoids.
  • Diadem Biotherapeutics

    Diadem Biotherapeutics is pioneering the development of first-in-class engineered exosomes to treat chronic inflammatory and auto-immune conditions.
  • Empyrean Therapeutics

    Empyrean Therapeutics is focused on developing next generation cell therapies to enable global and affordable cures for disease.
  • ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

    We are a team of highly experienced scientists specialised in developing cell lines and processes based on a non-viral Drosophila S2 cells expression system.
  • GABAeron

    GABAeron focuses on engineered stem cell lines, genetic data and small-molecule drugs in hopes of developing therapeutics to preserve and maybe restore brain function in Alzheimer’s.
  • Industrial Microbes

    We upgrade methane to chemicals using synthetic biology.
  • Leveragen

    Leveragen is a Boston-based biotech startup company providing customized genetic modeling services.
  • Life Foundry

    With synthetic biology and fully automated bio-manufacturing, we enable industrialized, on-demand, high-throughput, and flexible engineering of biological systems for practical applications.
  • Membio

    Membio is on a mission to ensure the world has a safe and sufficient supply of blood.
  • NemaMetrix

    NemaMetrix Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops solutions and commercializes proprietary systems for the genetic modification of simple microscopic living animals.
  • Nucleo Life Sciences

    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nucleo Life Sciences is a boutique CMO that’s passionate about helping you take your drugs into the clinic—and the market—as quickly and effectively as humanly possible.
  • Olema Pharmaceuticals

    Olema is a preclinical biotechnology company developing new drugs for the treatment and prevention of estrogen receptor (ER) positive breast cancer.
  • OneSkin Technologies

    Our mission is to be the company you can trust to keep you young while you age.
  • Phenomic AI

    We’re leveraging computer vision and high-content screening to develop the next wave of therapeutic antibodies against cancer and fibrosis.
  • Redbiotec

    With a proven track record in biopharmaceuticals, we aim to revolutionize advanced gene therapy to address unmet patient needs.
  • SNIPR Biome

    Our mission is to develop CRISPR-based medicines that give hope for effective and safe treatment of difficult-to-treat diseases in the future.
  • SyntheX

    We are harnessing evolution in our synthetic biology based selection platforms to create and identify molecules that disrupt or bridge previously 'undruggable' protein-protein interactions.
  • T2 Biosystems

    At T2 Biosystems, our mission is to save lives and improve healthcare by empowering clinicians to get patients on the right therapy faster.
  • Valitor

    We are developing a new generation of biotechnology drugs that act precisely within a targeted diseased tissue.
  • Vectron Biosolutions AS

    Vectron Biosolutions AS is your expert on developing cost-effective microbial production processes for recombinant proteins.
  • Xenocells

    We are interested in changing the status quo by systematizing BIOLOGIC units and constructing modular composition rules.
  • Abalone Bio

    Abalone is shifting the paradigm for antibody development, isolating drug candidates directly by their modulating effects on integral membrane proteins.
  • Anwita Bio

    Anwita Biosciences is a San Francisco Bay Area startup company specializing in antibodies and fusion proteins for therapies in oncology and auto-immune disease.
  • B-MoGen Biotechnologies

    We focus on complex genome engineering providing proprietary, cutting edge gene delivery and editing tools to enable faster research and cost effective therapies.
  • Bio-Meme

    Biomeme's platform transforms your smartphone into a mobile lab for advanced DNA diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance.
  • BioPlx Microbiomics

    BioPlx is an advanced microbiomics company developing non-antibiotic methods for the control of infectious disease, including multiple-drug resistant "super-bugs".
  • Quintara Bio

    Quintara Biosciences specializes in providing high quality DNA sequencing and genomic services for life science research communities around the globe.
  • Seer Biosciences

    Seer is extracting deep molecular insights from the proteome to enable early detection of cancer and neurological diseases, drive earlier treatment, and improve patient outcomes.
  • Zymochem

    Our mission is to develop microbes & bioprocesses that enable profitable and eco-friendly production of chemicals from renewable sources such as sugars.

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