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Build a scorecard to manage your R&D performance

Answer any question about any of your data, and track the metrics most important to you.

Give scientists, managers, and executives the answers they need

Operational Dashboards

Structure dashboards that help you improve your R&D operations, from optimizing your assays to streamlining your requests processes. Some examples of potential dashboards:
  • What’s my failure rate for a particular assay?
  • What are all the incoming requests for my team, and what’s the best way for me to triage them?
  • For all of my team’s core processes, what’s our turnaround time?
  • How much are my instruments and freezers being used? When was the last time an instrument was calibrated?

Experimental Insights

Query your data to answer questions about your science, so you can identify the best candidates and processes to move forward with. Some examples of potential queries:
  • Which candidate performed the best in a given set of assays?
  • Which process conditions generated the ideal outputs?
  • Which control batch has performed the best over time?

Administrative Dashboards and Usage Analytics

Get a real-time picture of how your scientists use Benchling. Some examples of potential dashboards:
  • Advanced usage analytics: How often are users entering data manually vs. automatically capturing results? How often are users creating Notebook entries of different types?
  • Compliance: How many Notebook entries have gone through witness and review? After submission for review, how long does it typically take for a Notebook entry to be signed off on?
  • Validation: How often is an assay producing invalid data?

SQL Warehouse

Benchling’s innovative SQL Warehouse gives you unprecedented access to your R&D data. By centralizing, standardizing, and cleaning the data your organization is producing, the Warehouse makes it easier than ever before to extract your data and answer new questions.
  • Data across all your Benchling Applications in one place

  • Standardized data model makes extraction easier than ever before

  • Access controls flow from the Applications to the Warehouse through row-level security.

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