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Design, Analyze, and Develop RNA Therapeutics on Benchling
As RNA therapeutics have gained traction scientifically and clinically, the software tools to engineer them have been frustratingly limited. The design of these oligos, study of functional properties, and analysis of results requires an evolving solution that can adeptly handle both chemistry and biology workflows. 

In this on-demand webinar, see how Benchling’s capabilities are able to support this new, paradigm-shifting class of drugs. 
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Ready to see how you can accelerate RNA therapeutics research?
Learn how researchers working on hybrid RNA entities can:
Improve productivity
Design chemically modified oligonucleotides with ease
Centralize experimental data for faster, contextually relevant insights
Collaborate with teammates focused on biology and chemistry effectively
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“At Ribometrix we use specialized technology to identify therapeutically compelling RNAs. As a platform therapeutics company, we create differently modified RNAs for the assays we run. With Benchling, we have manageable, unique verification processes that give our scientists access to the same data."

Katie Warner
VP, RNA Biology @ Ribometrix