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Accelerate RNA Therapeutics R&D with a Modern Informatics Platform

Powering research for Dicerna’s partners for over 3 years.

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Benchling’s unified platform accelerates innovative RNA therapeutics R&D

Flexible for modern life science
Modern life science R&D is iterative and evolving. Administrators can adapt Benchling to model entities like RNA therapeutics that require more advanced, dynamic software and to track complex data lineages. No matter how complex or fast-changing your research processes are, Benchling will accelerate your scientists' work, not hold it back.
Trace experiments and data from research through development
From notebook entries, to samples and inventory, to process data and assay results – all your data is automatically interlinked on Benchling. Drive faster and better decisions with complete experimental context and insights across your entire R&D organization.
Intuitive software that powers collaboration
The clunky ELNs and LIMS systems of the past slow down R&D progress, scatter data across silos, and wipe out institutional knowledge. Clients report a 90% increase in software adoption when switching from legacy systems to Benchling.
Since our founding, science has remained our central guiding principle. Benchling fits perfectly into this philosophy, providing us a flexible informatics platform that enables our scientists to focus on high-impact research and deliver life-transforming medicines.

Nicholas Papadopoulos
SVP R&D Operations

A track record of digitally transforming RNA therapeutics R&D
Design, Analyze, and Develop RNA Therapeutics on Benchling
The software and tools being used to engineer RNA therapeutics have been frustratingly limited and require an evolving solution that can handle both chemistry and biology workflows. 

Learn how cross-functional researchers working on hybrid RNA entities can: easily design chemically modified oligonucleotides, centralize experimental data, and collaborate with teammates.
Accelerate RNA Therapeutics R&D with a Modern Informatics Platform
From the approval of the first antisense oligonucleotide, aptamer, and siRNA, to the now famous launch of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, the pipeline of RNA therapies and vaccines has expanded dramatically. 

Read the application note to learn about the complexities in RNA therapeutics R&D and how Benchling can help.
The numbers speak for themselves
Increase in scientist productivity
Increase in data quality and completeness
Improvement in transitioning sample data from one group to the next

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Charmaine Cuanan
Life Science Enablement Lead for Dicerna

Ralf Felsner
Account Executive for Dicerna