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Homology deserves a modern lab notebook for Gene Therapy

Transform your R&D with Benchling Notebook, built for modern life science.

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Benchling vs. IDBS

Join the leading life science companies using Benchling

A platform built for research into genetic diseases, gene editing, and gene therapy. We are more than a Notebook.
An open platform for complex biology R&D data and processes
Use Benchling as a full platform, or integrate specific Benchling applications with your existing ecosystem through open APIs and event-based integrations.

Learn more about how you can integrate Benchling with any informatics system, custom software, database, or instrument.
Trusted by innovative biotechs
We're your experts in science and software. Our Customer Success team has configured, integrated, and implemented Benchling at 400+ biotechs and pharmaceutical companies on the cutting-edge of life science R&D.

Managed services, engineering services, and in-app support chat ensure long-standing success.

Upgrade to the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud to start driving smarter, faster decisions within R&D.

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Drew Dispennette
Life Science Enablement Lead for Homology