Whitepaper: How Artificial Intelligence Is Advancing Plant Biology
As a partner to leading agricultural biotechnology companies, Benchling is proud to help customers manage lab operations and information, so that their data is ready to fuel critical AI-driven insights. In this white paper, we celebrate recent advances that AI has brought to agricultural plant biology.
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Learn how AI is accelerating research at the cutting edge of agriculture biotechnology
Automating labor intensive processes
AI is used to help growers make better-informed decisions as quickly as possible, such as comparing growth across strains and conditions in the field or to identify diseased plants as early as possible.
Understanding environmental impacts
AI is used to enhance understanding when processes are highly complex and governed by multiple parameters, providing insight into how different parameters interact to affect the desired trait.
Optimizing in vitro plant culture and transformation
AI is being used to reduce the time it takes to develop optimal conditions for in vitro plant culture, secondary metabolite production, and genetic transformation with agrobacteria.
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“We can look at a plant and simultaneously know not only the plasmid we used, but it’s exact sequence and dozens of aspects about it. This fact takes us from using Benchling as a plant inventory system to Benchling as a fully integrated biotechnology pipeline.”

Nathaniel Graham
Molecular Biology Scientist @ Pairwise Plants