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The life sciences R&D cloud for Impossible Foods

A modern platform built for revolutionizing strain engineering and fermentation.

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Best-in-class software for driving innovation at scale

Efficiently scale up or down
Modern R&D is iterative and evolving. No matter how complex or fast-changing your research processes are, Benchling will accelerate your scientists' work, not hold it back.
Capture, link, and centralize all your data and processes
From notebook entries, to samples and inventory, to process data and assay results – all your data is automatically interlinked. Drive faster and better decisions with complete experimental context and insights.
Say goodbye to manual systems and limited traceability
The clunky ELNs and LIMS systems of the past and homegrown solutions slow down R&D progress, scatter data across silos, and wipe out institutional knowledge. Clients report a 90% increase in software adoption when switching from legacy systems to Benchling.
One of the main reasons we implemented Benchling was to improve cooperation between groups instead of trying to hunt down information in emails, along with data traceability and improved permissions.

Nermin Avdispahic
Quality Control Information Systems Manager, New England Biolabs

A track record of digitally transforming biopharmaceutical R&D
Powering the Fermentation Science Behind Clara Foods
Fermentation science is exploding in complexity — and creating new R&D challenges. 

Learn how Clara Foods—an innovative food company that develops animal proteins without animals—is harnessing unified data, standardized processes, and collaboration through Benchling to accelerate their fermentation production.
Benchling for Strain Engineering & Fermentation
By optimizing plasmid creation, centralizing and unifying on- and offline data, and automating data collection and process optimization, learn how you can improve strain engineering and fermentation from start to finish.

Nate Simon
Account Executive for Impossible Foods

Brittany Goldston
Sales Development Lead for Impossible Foods