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Benchling for Industrial Biotech R&D

Track and interlink a wide range of biological components, map complicated biological systems, manage fermentation data, and integrate in-process and end product characterization.

Industrial biotechnology is transforming traditional manufacturing technologies, but several hurdles remain

This paper outlines the critical needs and complexities of industrial biotech R&D, and how Benchling has helped address these challenges for leading industrial biotech companies.
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Industrial Biotech Research

  • Manage wide range of biological components used with clearly described properties.

    • Design and develop engineered strains with molecular biology tools such as bulk assembly
    • Create a registry of all your strains and constructs with customizable data models and sequence-level intelligence
    • Link physical inventory of constructs to your registry entries
  • Design complicated workflows used for the construction of biological systems.

    • Create custom workflows to suit systems bio, synthetic bio, or evolutionary engineering applications
    • Flexibly edit workflows as engineering strategies change
    • Trace engineering workflows, strains used, and the corresponding products generated
  • Characterize and model to support rational engineering.

    • Integrate genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and fluxomics results
    • Combine characterization results to improve in-silico modeling approaches
    • Track iterative improvement in strain function and substrate generation

Zymergen: Integrating the custom solutions of a technology powerhouse

Read how Zymergen uses Benchling as a central platform to unite their custom tools and collaborate seamlessly across teams.
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Industrial Biotech Development

  • Overcome scale-up and process development challenges.

    • Design fermentation process development studies
    • Monitor fermentor process parameters in real-time
    • Create and share standardized processes for scale-up
  • Simplify manufacturing of engineered biosystems.

    • Access complete process development history
    • Integrate with large-scale production equipment
    • Map entire production process on a single platform
  • Integrate results from analytical core throughout production.

    • Integrate with cutting-edge instruments and analytical tools to model complex assays
    • Link strain performance to characteristics of by-products such as metabolites and enzymes
    • Establish a continuous feedback loop between process development, production, and analytical

Synlogic + Benchling

Working at the intersection of biology and engineering, Synlogic is pioneering the application of synthetic biology to design living therapeutics programmed to treat disease in new ways.
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