Benchling for Lab Automation
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Harness the full potential of your laboratory hardware by seamlessly integrate informatics and operate liquid handlers, plate readers, imaging instruments and more — all in Benchling.
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Enhance productivity
Remove manual tasks, such as transferring or transcribing large quantities of data, and increase scientist productivity
Increase scale
Screen more samples with more assays in a shorter amount of time, increasing the likelihood of success
Gain new insights
By digitally integrating your end-to-end workflow across processes and instruments, gain complete sample traceability and unlock program- and experimental-level insights
“Since our founding, science has remained our central guiding principle. Benchling fits perfectly into this philosophy, providing us a flexible informatics platform that enables our scientists to focus on high-impact research and deliver life-transforming medicines."

Nicholas Papadopoulos
SVP R&D Operations

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