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The life sciences R&D cloud for Limagrain

A single, flexible solution for bio-registration, molecular biology, data capture, and process development.

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Benchling’s unified platform accelerates the future of agriculture

A single LIMS for multiple workflows
Eliminate maintenance time required to tend to multiple tools and software, inevitably speeding up routine processes. Have a centralized source of truth for everyone involved.
Unify lab notebook and workflow systems
Improve traceability for all experiments and create a seamless user experience. Track any physical inventory and any physical location, and trace the full history of any experiment or process.
Intuitive software without the silos and extra steps
The clunky ELNs and LIMS systems of the past slow down R&D progress, scatter data across silos, and wipe out institutional knowledge. Switch from legacy systems to something that can grow with your team.
“With Benchling, We have been able to centralize all of our scientific data in one location. It has significantly facilitated deriving deeper insights from data and helped our company move a step closer to being an insights-driven organization.”

Deven Dharm
Director of Software Engineering

A track record of digitally transforming R&D
An open platform for complex biology R&D data and processes
Use Benchling as a full platform, or integrate specific Benchling applications with your existing ecosystem through open APIs and event-based integrations.

Track every workflow, sample, and result from start to finish. Streamline cross-team collaboration, tech transfer and upstream/downstream process integration.
Benchling for Plant Biotechnology
By streamlining genetic engineering workflows, optimizing transgenic plant generation, and accelerating plant selection, find out what it looks like to improve plant biotechnology processes from start to finish.

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Alex Seiffermann
Life Science Enablement Lead for Limagrain

Ana Nufer
Account Executive for Limagrain