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Our E-Book "Has life science R&D moved beyond traditional LIMS?" discusses current LIMS platforms as well as how Benchling can deliver more value than a typical LIMS.

Benchling goes beyond the capabilities of a typical LIMS to suit the needs of modern life science companies. Benchling was built to function optimally for wide-ranging life sciences disciplines, including the emerging, complex modalities of large molecule R&D that create unprecedented amounts of data using diverse instruments and processes.

IT professionals can easily integrate, configure, and validate Benchling’s software to ensure productivity, efficiency, and compliance throughout the entire R&D lifecycle.

Benchling offers LIMS capabilities and more

Unified Platform

A unified platform built on the same data model enables every team to operate within a single system—providing a single source of truth, comprehensive connectivity, and deeper insights—even if workflow configurations and application requirements vary.

Sample and Process Intelligence

Benchling’s unified data model persists throughout all Benchling capabilities, so users can quickly trace samples, processes, locations, and results back to the underlying biological and chemical entities.

Modern User Experience

Built on modern, responsive cloud architecture, Benchling’s UI/UX is intuitive and designed to make R&D teams more productive, which leads to higher adoption, better data integrity, and better informed scientific decision making.