E-Book: Has Life Science R&D Moved Beyond Traditional LIMS?
Lab information management systems (LIMS) are widely used throughout the life science industry, but they can be complicated to configure and use, making them time-consuming and frustrating for end-users. In this e-book, we discuss the capabilities that Benchling shares with many LIMS and highlight where Benchling can deliver more value to your lab than a typical LIMS. 
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See how Benchling can deliver more value than a typical LIMS
Access, annotate, and track samples effortlessly
See how Benchling enables sample management capabilities that a LIMS delivers but with more configurability. 
Streamline compliance and deliver operational insights
See how Benchling provides LIMS reporting functionality that allow users to efficiently prepare for regulatory audits and deliver insights. 
Automates and integrates instruments easily
With Benchling, see how users can integrate and orchestrate every instrument, team, and data set.
Innovative life science companies run on Benchling

“It feels good to have something automated with just a single click, where before it took half an hour. As more people are getting familiar with the software, we’re saving even more time.”

Brenda Minesinger
Principal Scientists, Intellia Therapeutics