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April 30, 2020
Benchling Launches Integrated Analytics Solution to Accelerate Life Science R&D

SAN FRANCISCOApril 30, 2020 — Benchling, the leading life sciences R&D cloud, today announced the launch of Benchling Insights, a new solution that gives life sciences companies the ability to query, visualize and collaborate around high quality, structured data that resides on the platform.

“While the biotech industry continues to grow, companies are faced with increased competition, patent expirations and increased scrutiny over pricing and efficacy. Biotech companies are under immense pressure to deliver new products into clinical evaluation faster than ever, which requires disciplined execution, a high degree of collaboration and unfettered access to data across the R&D lifecycle,” said Saji Wickramasekara, CEO and Co-Founder of Benchling. “We launched Benchling Insights so that our customers can make intelligent decisions with a complete view of their experimental and operational data. Analyses and dashboards can be rapidly created and shared across programs, teams, and leadership so companies can reach breakthroughs faster.”

Benchling Insights extends the Benchling Life Sciences R&D Cloud with an integrated solution for data querying, visualization, and collaboration. Scientists can tailor advanced queries to visualize scientific and operational metrics, and use these to quickly answer key questions about their programs. For example, they can assess which cell lines generate the best assay performance, or which process variants lead to optimal outputs. R&D leaders can use centralized data to track overall pipeline performance and remove operational bottlenecks, while IT leaders can track product utilization and compliance.

“As a company at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy, Jounce is making valuable scientific discoveries to develop novel therapeutics,” said Todd Rowe, Associate Director of Research Informatics at Jounce Therapeutics. “Benchling Insights will empower us to mine our data and allow us to answer complex scientific questions across multiple projects and labs. With the added power of Insights, Benchling continues to help us get higher-quality therapeutics to the clinic faster.”

Through its native integration with the Benchling platform, Insights enables scientists to run reports and dashboards on their experiments more easily than ever before. Rather than depend on IT to structure queries or spend time tracking down and cleaning up data from across disparate systems, they can focus on analyzing their findings and drawing informed conclusions. By unlocking this capability for scientists throughout entire life science organizations, Benchling Insights radically improves the speed and quality of R&D decisions.

Benchling Insights is offered as part of a company’s subscription to the Benchling product, empowering over 300 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to answer completely new questions about their experiments and R&D processes.

About Benchling

Benchling is the pioneer of the R&D Cloud, software that powers the biotechnology industry. More than 200,000 scientists at over 600 companies and 7,000 research institutions globally have adopted Benchling’s R&D Cloud to make breakthrough discoveries and bring the next generation of medicines, food, and materials to market faster than ever before. The R&D Cloud helps these organizations modernize their scientific processes and accelerate collaboration so they can convert the complexity of biology into world-changing results.

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