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Primer Design

Benchling’s primer design tool allows you and your team to model your primers, store those primers in custom, shared libraries, and use them in critical tasks like digest and ligate, golden gate assembly, and Gibson cloning. Link primers directly in your Notebook to record them in their experimental context.

Model overhangs, cut-sites, and secondary structures

  • Use Primer3 or manual methods to design optimal primers in seconds
  • Benchling's intuitive yet comprehensive software makes designing the right primers straightforward

Build custom primer libraries to share with your colleagues

  • Never again wonder which primers have already been designed and used by your colleagues
  • Build a shared primer library and trace from particular primers back to the experiments where they've previously been used

Digest and ligate, golden gate, and gibson cloning

  • After designing your primers, run assemblies one-by-one or in bulk
  • Build out a repository of past assemblies and link directly to them in your Notebook entries

“Benchling has really put the data at our fingertips, whereas before it was so spread out and difficult to follow.”

Scott Hamilton
Manufacturing Team Leader, Synlogic

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