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Adicet Bio: Enabling Next-Generation Cell Therapies with a Scalable Informatics Solution

Universal off-the-shelf T cell therapy for cancer

Adicet Bio is broadening the horizons of cell immunotherapy with gamma delta (γδ) T-cells. Adicet employs these cells’ unique properties to target solid tumor cancer. Though gamma delta T-cells make up a small fraction of blood cells, Adicet has developed a platform to activate and expand these cells for function in the clinic.


Number of employees: 51 – 250

Industry: Biotechnology

Location: Boston, MA, USA


Difficulty accessing data across siloed tools
With data scattered across paper notebooks, employee computers, and public drives, Adicet Bio lacked a comprehensive data management infrastructure, which made it difficult to access and secure their data.

Managing system permissions across different teams
Adicet’s previous data management platform struggled to provide varying levels of access permissions to data for the stratified teams across their various sites.

Lack of data standardization
As Adicet rapidly scaled their staff’s size and the complexity of their research and development process, they needed to be able to organize and standardize their data capture and record keeping.


Ensured data integrity for IND filing
By storing, centralizing, and compiling their data within Benchling, Adicet can rest easy knowing that they can efficiently file for IND.

Flexible permissions structure
Adicet can flexibly turn data and folder permissions on and off, depending on the teams’ needs.

Company-wide organizational structure
Adicet standardizes data entry and organizes data with configurable templates and entry guidelines for Notebook and Registry.

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