Automate Your Future With Benchling’s R&D Cloud

Companies use Benchling for Lab Automation to connect their instruments, process automation equipment, and laboratory robotics to facilitate automated data collection — all in a unified platform.



The race is on to produce the next wave of advanced therapeutics, and this requires a new approach to data collection, centralization, and automation. Yet many labs still run on legacy software applications, manual processes, and siloed laboratory instrumentation that curtails their overall R&D efficiency.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • See a hands-on demonstration of how Benchling for Lab Automation accelerates data collection across the Benchling R&D Cloud. In Benchling, teams collaborate and ensure full traceability of their biological entities, samples, and results.

  • Learn how you can optimize your R&D workflows to increase throughput and accuracy of data collection, and maintain flexibility to evolve as your programs develop over time.

  • Hear case studies of how other innovative life science companies have effectively leveraged Benchling to accelerate their R&D.