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New therapeutic modalities such as cell and gene therapies have made remarkable progress, but significant challenges lie ahead to bring more of these impactful medicines into the clinic. Companies engaged in biologics R&D must increasingly produce larger sets of analytical verification of their products to confirm safety and efficacy, as well as to satisfy expanding regulatory expectations. Data management now plays a central role in the ability to capture, assess, and consolidate analytical results that support key milestones and IND filings.

In this webinar, we’ll speak with Darren Begley, Ph.D., who is Principal Scientist, Analytical Development for the Gene Therapy franchise at Resilience, an innovative biotechnology company working to improve the way complex medicines are made. Darren has extensive experience in the biophysical characterization of gene therapy delivery vectors. You’ll hear Darren’s perspective on topics ranging from the fast-evolving approaches to analytical technologies, changing regulatory guidance for advanced biologics, and the pressing need for structured, organized R&D informatics platforms.

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