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Building a Biotech with Benchling

In this webinar, we provide an overview of the Benchling for Startups program, which is designed to help your company work faster and more efficiently.

Building a Biotech with Benchling

Benchling for Startups is a new, innovative program built to fuel the next wave of life science breakthroughs. Set your company up to rapidly scale from day one with an R&D productivity suite to collaborate as a team, find the data you need, and capture new science. 

Benchling has helped hundreds of cutting-edge biotechs to establish solid data foundations for future growth. See why so many life science companies trust Benchling to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

In this webinar, the topics covered include:

  • Understand how the Benchling for Startups program can help your company work faster and more efficiently 
  • A live demo showcasing how our customers leverage the Benchling platform
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