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Building a Biotech with Benchling

In this webinar, we provide an overview of the Benchling for Startups program, which is designed to help your company work faster and more efficiently.

Building a Biotech with Benchling

Benchling for Startups is a new, innovative program built to fuel the next wave of life science breakthroughs. Set your company up to rapidly scale from day one with an R&D productivity suite to collaborate as a team, find the data you need, and capture new science. 

Benchling has helped hundreds of cutting-edge biotechs to establish solid data foundations for future growth. See why 1 in 5 life science companies IPO on Benchling.

In this webinar, the topics covered include:

  • Understand how the Benchling for Startups program can help your company work faster and more efficiently 
  • A live demo showcasing how our customers leverage the Benchling platform