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Case Study Anthology

In this E-book, we’ve brought together stories about how some of our most cutting-edge customers have transformed their R&D with Benchling.


From next-generation cell therapies to biologically-derived materials, life science R&D has never been more complex or more varied. However, despite the explosion in scientific techniques and applications, modern life science companies have one challenge in common: taming the complexity of their data.

Paper notebooks, spreadsheets, and legacy software can’t handle the complexity of modern life science. They slow down R&D progress, scatter data across silos, and wipe out institutional knowledge. Companies need a solution that’s built for modern life science to track, interlink, and analyze the vast amounts of data their R&D programs are producing.

In this anthology, we have compiled stories and videos of how some of these most innovative companies tackle the problem:

  • Adicet Bio: Building a data infrastructure for next-generation cell therapies (includes video)
  • Rubius Therapeutics: Optimizing cell engineering with a unified informatics platform (includes video)
  • Synlogic: Accelerating synthetic biology with full unified informatics (includes video)
  • Zymergen: Integrating the custom solutions of a technology powerhouse
  • Agenus: Building a global informatics infrastructure
  • Bolt Threads: Optimizing biomaterials R&D with data-driven insights
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