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On-Demand Webinar

Complete Your R&D Transformation with Intelligent Sample Traceability

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Benchling can be used for sample tracking, process management, and analytics for life sciences R&D.


When it comes to digitalizing life science R&D, cloud-based notebooks and molecular biology tools are just the beginning. To tame the complexity of modern R&D workflows, companies need unified sample tracking and data analytics designed for cutting-edge life science.

In this webinar, we provide:

  • Best practices for managing the increasing volume and complexity of life science R&D data
  • A live demonstration of Benchling’s Registry, Inventory, and Insights applications
  • A presentation by Dima Gharaibeh, Senior Scientist and Project Manager, on how Sorrento Therapeutics has unlocked a new level of data-driven decision making with Benchling
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