Eligo Bioscience

Powering the scale-up of its microbiome engineering platform.

Hear, first-hand, how digital transformation is enabling the scale-up of Eligo’s Bioscience microbiome engineering platform. Eligo Bioscience develops first-in-class proprietary modalities that enable the delivery and expression of therapeutic DNA in target bacterial populations of the microbiome. This technology,  for the first time, allows the in-situ modulation of the microbiome’s composition and function to address human disease with an unprecedented precision.

Erica Lieberman, Discovery & Automation Team Lead at Eligo Bioscience and Charlotte Hamel, Customer Success Manager at Benchling show how the Benchling R&D Cloud is helping scientists at Eligo centralize data, improve collaboration across teams, make faster decisions, and track end-to end sample management.

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