How Life Sciences R&D Can Upgrade to the Cloud

Hear from leaders at Jounce Therapeutics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Benchling on best practices for a successful cloud migration and how to simplify the process.


Migrating to a cloud-based model is a scenario facing many life science companies today. Most know moving to the cloud confers competitive advantages that on-premise applications and private cloud solutions cannot, but many don't know where to start the transition.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Advice from Jounce Therapeutics on how they executed their migration from three separate systems to the cloud, all in under six months

  • The benefits of having data unified from research into development and manufacturing within a single, validated cloud solution

  • Lab of the Future case studies while learning about AWS infrastructure and security

  • How professional service partnerships can reduce duration, efforts, and change management risks, including validation and testing

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