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Inhibrx: Centralizing Biologics Data for a Growing Company

Dedicated to helping people with life-threatening conditions through scientific innovations and excellence

Inhibrx develops multivalent costimulatory agonists, checkpoint inhibitors, and therapeutics to invert the tumor microenvironment toward local immune activation.


Number of employees: 51 – 250

Industry: Biotechnology

Location: La Jolla, CA, USA


Difficulty finding data across multiple systems
Without a formal tracking system, plasmid maps were distributed across multiple scientists’ computers. Finding the right plasmid map would involve walking through the lab to find the right scientist.

Lack of data integrity
Spreadsheets were used to track requests and information about plasmids, requiring extensive manual search and limiting user compliance.

Tracking processes with paper
Experimental notes were taken using a shared paper lab notebook, making it difficult to find experimental details and extract insights.


Reliable Registration
The Benchling Registry is a central source of truth for plasmids and enforces uniqueness constraints to ensure data integrity.

Interlinked Experimental Details
Scientists can link batches to relevant experiments, so their notes directly reflect all of the products and data they’ve generated.

Streamlined IND Filing
Inhibrx uses Benchling Lab Notebook entries and unique Lab Notebook IDs to file for IND, saving months of time and effort.

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