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Intellia: Streamlining Registration and Requests for Gene Editing

Pioneering the development of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

Co-founded by Jennifer Doudna, 2020 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Intellia Therapeutics is a pioneer in the development of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing and is rapidly moving experimental therapies towards the clinic. The company employs a modular genome editing platform to create diverse in vivo and ex vivo pipelines that span a range of therapeutic indications.


Number of employees: 51 – 250

Industry: Biotechnology

Location: Cambridge, MA, USA


Difficulty finding data across multiple systems
Previous registration took place across SharePoint spreadsheets, emails, and paper, leading to unreliable data and outsize time spent piecing together lineages.

Tracking and updating plasmid inventory
Plasmid repositories couldn’t be tracked and kept up to date.

Inefficient request fulfillment
Lack of a formal request system led to lost requests and insufficient detail in requests. Without a reliable plasmid inventory, certain requests were difficult to complete.


Centralized Registration
Standardized lists of plasmids and other entities make data reliable and easily shared.

Streamlined Request Triaging
With Benchling Requests, teams generate greater throughput and higher quality products because they can easily access the information they need.

Generating R&D Insights
Benchling Workflows empowers Intellia to identify the upstream entities that lead to successful batches.

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