Modern Data Informatics for Cell Line Development

In this webinar, we provide an overview of how scientists and process engineers can implement a modern informatics platform for efficient data management in cell line screening, analytical testing, and cell banking processes.


Even the most innovative R&D organizations still face significant data challenges in cell line development (CLD). To remain competitive, it is crucial to support collaboration and implement data-driven processes for the rapid creation of new high yield, reproducible cell lines.

In this webinar, we provide:

  • Best practices for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data in aggregate across studies to optimize hit selection

  • How to manage inventory in real-time and track data to provide full lineage and experimental history

  • A live product demo that touches on how to screen hits more efficiently with integrated in silico design, how to set up automation, and how to create team productivity and testing dashboards

  • A glimpse of how Benchling’s scientific expertise and professional services can help support rapid implementation and successful adoption