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Obsidian: Unlocking Pivotal R&D Answers While Ensuring Data Integrity

Pioneering cell and gene therapies for patients with intractable diseases

Obsidian Therapeutics is developing a suite of technologies that allow for control of protein activity within cells to power novel therapeutics. This will allow them to deliver transformative outcomes for patients with previously intractable diseases.


Number of employees: 51 – 250

Industry: Biotechnology

Location: Cambridge, MA, USA


Clunky ELN lacked features for biology
Previous ELN was clunky and didn’t allow for linkages to registered samples, hindering adoption and experimental detail.

Inefficient request fulfillment
Without a formal registration system, Obsidian scientists couldn’t draw connections between results, data, and upstream entities.

Low-adoption legacy sample tracking system 
Legacy sample tracking system was unintuitive and saw low scientist usage, leading to data loss and compliance concerns.


Unified Informatics
Integrated sample tracking and notetaking generated strong user adoption and improved the quality and reliability of experimental records.

Centralized Registration
Obsidian can trace from downstream results to identify effective upstream entities. “Why does this lentivirus work well? Is it related to a specific batch of constructs?”

Secure Data
With Benchling’s Registry that rewards scientist usage, Obsidian can be confident that the constructs, parts, and other entities they’re tracking will hold up in a court of law.

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