Powering the Fermentation Science Behind Future Foods

In this webinar, learn how Clara Foods—an innovative food company that develops animal proteins without animals—is harnessing unified data, standardized processes, and collaboration through Benchling to accelerate their fermentation production.


Future foods are providing compelling alternatives to animal products through fermentation science. Fermentation science is exploding in complexity, prompting new R&D challenges that companies must face. Low throughput design and tracking, siloed online and offline fermentation data, and inefficient hand-offs to analytical teams are just some concerns that can cause fermentation delays and lower yields.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Trends that are transforming fermentation technology and synthetic biology methodologies

  • How Clara Foods is optimizing scale-up and standardizing fermentation runs

  • Tips for setting up structured data and what labs should be tracking in fermentation processes

  • Best practices on unifying workflows, setting up sequence-level tracking, and improving productivity with large sample submissions and integrated analytics