Realize the Promise of the Connected Lab

This technical note provides an overview of Benchling's instrument integrations for automating and optimizing R&D workflows.


As life science R&D organizations increase their investment in lab instruments to automate their workflows, the size, speed, and diversity of the data they generate grows exponentially. Without the right digital infrastructure in place, scientists managing the data coming off these machines become a bottleneck to otherwise high-throughput workflows.

To optimize an organization’s instrument-driven workflows, an informatics solution that can automatically ingest, parse, and append data from liquid handlers, plate readers, and other analytical instruments is needed.

Built on top of an extensible, high-performance cloud infrastructure, Benchling seamlessly integrates with laboratory instrumentation, allowing forward-thinking companies to realize the promise of the connected lab. Download this technical note to learn more:

  • Streamline instrument data input to increase experimental scale

  • Automate output data transfer to improve data integrity

  • Maintain sample and process traceability at high throughput

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